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how to care for your new blanket  


The fleece I use is 100% polyester which is a man-made fabric. It acts like wool in many ways, but has a fraction of its weight. This is what makes it so comfortable to use and warm to snuggle up in. Like wool, fleece is a great insulator, which is why it was called polar fleece when it was originally created.


Fleece is so practical and easy to care for. Machine wash in a cool wash. The fabric I use is anti-pill but to help protect your blanket against bobbling, wash it separately in the machine. It is the friction from other items especially things like jeans and zips which create the bobbling.


Because fleece doesn't soak up a lot of water when it is washed, it will dry really quickly. Best to air-dry or tumble dry on a low setting.


Do not use bleach and fabric softners and do not tumble dry. Your blanket really shouldn't need ironed. Direct contact with the iron will melt the fabric. But if you really do need to iron it, do so on the reverse of the blanket with a very cool iron and use a pressing cloth so no direct contact is made.


Looking after your blanket is easy and following these tips will help it last for years and years!

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